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Choosing the perfect "I Do Crew"

If you have made it to the point of choosing your bridesmaids then congratulations are most definitely in order. You are finally engaged and life at this point couldn't get any more exciting. Overtime when you find yourself getting overwhelmed and stressed out in making all the decisions about your big day just think back on how you felt in the split second that you saw the love of your life down on one knee (cue Marry Me by Train here) and It will make it all worth it. I promise.

Choosing your bridesmaids pretty much comes easy for most. Your childhood best friend, the keeper of your secrets, and the one person who has seen you at your worst, like 7th grade when you were completely heartbroken because your first boyfriend just broke up with you behind the band room and you didn't think life can go on....anyways, If she fits into any of these categories then she is probably the girl for you. However there are many factors that go into choosing the perfect bridesmaids that many brides tend to look over.Your bridesmaids will be the ones who throw your bridal shower, plan your bachelorette party, and tell you when you are being a little too dramatic over choosing a shade of white for your dress that no-one is even going to pay attention to when you are walking down the aisle because regardless you will be the most stunning thing there is! Let's get into just a few factors that I think you will find helpful in choosing your girls.


Choose someone who is real, you will want this when making decisions. Because I guarantee you that when everyone else is saying what they think you want to hear, you are going to want that someone who is going to tell you what you need to hear. There will be times in this process that you need to hear that you are being just a little bit too extra, in the end game you will appreciate it.


(and I mean financially)

Choose someone who can financially handle the responsibility of what being a bridesmaid entails. Buying a dress, splitting hotel costs, shower costs, and all the other costs that come along for just one day, because trust me if they can't afford it this is the outlook they will have on it every time you mention another thing that is going to cost them money. So save your self a friendship fall out in the middle of Davids bridal over the cost of dresses and don't ask your friend who is working her way thru school and has to have 3 jobs just to pay her rent. She will thank you later, I promise.


Choose someone who can be present, and not just personally, but emotionally, spiritually, and all the ally(s) that you will need. If your best friend lives across the country that is fine, don't ax her just yet. There is a great feature iPhones offer and FaceTime will become your best friend in all these moments, and remember to include her. There will also be times that you will need prayers, and lots of them (remember that split second feeling I talked about earlier) you will need someone to be there to remind you of that when your groom is acting like he could care less if his suit is pewter or grey... Trust me, grooms don't care. So don't let it bother you, so choose someone who can talk you off the ledge when you feel like it is all crashing down.


Above all else, choose someone who you have a genuine friendship with, one who will be there after the festivities are over. Someone who loves you for you and knows your heart at the end of it all. This will be bridesmaid who won't hold grudges, who won't cause un necessary drama, and who will be there at the end of the night cleaning off tables when all the rest of your friends are chugging cheap wine and cha cha sliding. This is the girl you want on your team.

Choosing your bridesmaids is the best part about your day, so choose wisely, and remember at the end of your day your vibe attracts your tribe. Don't be a bad bride and you won't have bad bridesmaids :)

Happy Wedding Planning



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